Boston Children’s Museum: Beyond The Chalkboard

As part of their overall mission of education and scholastic enrichment, the Boston Children’s Museum runs a series of educational after-school programs for kids. For one of these programs, Beyond The Chalkboard, the museum approached Almighty for assistance in creating an online resource through which educators could easily access program guides and materials to be used in the classroom— a growing library previously only available in a single .pdf hundreds of pages long.

Our solution was to create an online catalog which organized each guide and material set into an architecture that made it easy for educators (of varied levels of tech-savviness) to browse through the huge volume of activities quickly and easily using an icon-based categorization system and robust tag-based searching. The site also included a guide on how to best use the curriculum, a blog for rolling updates from the program leaders, and was all built on a CMS that made it easy for program managers to add new activity guides to the collection.

Client: Boston Children’s Museum
Agency: Almighty
Role: Creative Production Director