Almighty “Sasquatch” Party

For Almighty’s Spring ’12 “Sasquatch Party,” we decided to take an opportunity to showcase some of the R+D ideas we’d been working on to our friends and clients. The party provided a perfect opportunity to bring social media together with physical installations, namely through the use of Facebook’s social graph and a series of RFID interactions.

To take things step-by-step, invitees were first asked to RSVP using Facebook Connect. Upon arrival at the party, each guest was given an RFID card with their name on it, which they tapped on a reader to check-in. As they checked in, a pop-up announcement was broadcast to screens all throughout the office to let everyone know they’d arrived. Their arrival was also acknowledged by a series of data visualizations on those same screens. These data sets were informed by the Facebook data captured at the time of their RSVP, and showcased commonalities between all of the checked-in party guests in a variety of ways.

The RFID cards were also used at the bar, triggering short video clips depending on what they’d ordered as well as informing some additional bar-centric data visualization screens. The RFID card could also be used at the mobile photo booth— a roving Sasquatch with an iPhone camera rigged to post photos directly to a Facebook gallery.

Client: Almighty
Agency: Almighty
Role: R+D Team / Creative Production Director