Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: Pedal Press


In the fall of 2015 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care was looking to make a splash as they opened their doors to the Connecticut market. Our goal was to create an engaging experience that reinforced the idea that when we all work together, great things can happen. And in the spirit of autumn in New England, we created the Pedal Press.

The Pedal Press is a 24-foot long apple cider press powered completely by participants on bicycles. With a nod to Rube Goldberg, five cyclists work together in order to bring apples from one end of the press to another, giving each apple a rinse before grinding them up and pressing the pumice into enough cool cider to give every participant a refreshing reward for their efforts.

Case Study:

Behind the Scenes:

Client: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Agency: Hill Holliday
Role: VP Integrated Operations