Hello, and welcome


Hi there, and thanks for checking out my work.

While my resumé might not tuck me neatly into any silos, it’s been my experience that executing interesting work takes a broad and comprehensive understanding of a variety of mediums, methodologies and technologies, allowing us to not only explore and generate exciting concepts, but to work closely with teammates and collaborators from a wide range of disciplines.

With a background that blends art direction, team and departmental management, and interactive experience design, I’ve had the privilege to work on a myriad of diverse interactive and integrated project types. I’ve had a hand in everything from installations, prototypes/R+D to games, sites to apps, broadcast spots to pitch decks— all of which take the assembly of a skilled and eclectic team as well as someone who ‘gets it’ to lead the way. And not to sound immodest, but I like to think that I get it.

So please, take a look around, get in touch with any questions, and hopefully we might be able to make something really cool together.